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To the editor,
The State Supreme Court election was a referendum on abortion. It sent a message that pro-choice advocates have gone too far and that abortionists are crossing the line with the barbaric murders of live babies. I believe the pendulum will swing the other way, possibly with a revisit of Roe V. Wade sometime in the near future. The right of a woman to chose has never been a valid argument and abortion advocacy is largely driven by a desire to avoid consequences of licentious life styles.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019 13:33

Defining why we went wrong with Trump

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To the editor,
An open letter to President Donald Trump:

Earth Day 2019 — a time when we pay attention to our relationship with that which sustains us — the natural world or nature’s economy. Our economic stability depends on a healthy eco-system. No human economy can survive if nature’s economy is dead. That reality should inform all that we do.

Wisconsin legislators are looking to reform current law governing the expungement of criminal records.

Those of you who are baby boomers like me and grew up on a gravel road might remember riding to grade school on a tractor and hay wagon like I did during a wet spring. Those days no longer exist, but the condition of some of our roads is beginning to resemble what I remember in the late 1950s and early ’60s.



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