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Successful governments are based on compromise. The U.S. Constitution was built on compromise. Large and small states, slave-holding and free states, exports and imports … all of these issues and interests had to be negotiated. It took three months to write three pages in Philadelphia at Constitutional Hall. Delegates persevered in the heat of the summer to forge this great document.
Wisconsin’s open records law applies to all records requests, big or small. But under former Attorney General Brad Schimel, the Wisconsin Department of Justice implemented a restrictive policy that limited access based on the number of potentially responsive emails.
To the editor,
The very word “Semite” confirms the cataclysm of the global-flood as it means of the offspring of Noah’s son, Shem. Semites include not only Hebrews, but Arabs and Africans. Judaism, Christianity and all ancient civilizations believed in the Great Flood. Even Mohammed wrote of it in his seventh-century Koran. Explorer Marco Polo recorded in his log of a “three-day climb” to see Noah’s Ark on an Armenian mountain.
Thursday, 11 July 2019 09:13

Children’s detention centers are barbaric

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To the editor,

Recently the last Nuremberg prosecutor, 99-year-old Ben Ferencz, said “The U.S.’s detention of children is a ‘crime against humanity.’”
We call it the Madison “bubble” — a place where the minutiae of Wisconsin politics plays out all day, every day.



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