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You can walk into city hall asking to see records without ever having to give your name.

You can mail or email an open records request to any public entity without giving any indication of who you are.

Wisconsin’s tradition of government transparency rests on the state’s open records and open meetings laws.
Early in his administration, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers was asked to produce a letter he’d gotten from departing Gov. Scott Walker during the transition. He initially refused, claiming it was a “purely personal” communication outside of the reach of the state’s open records law.
To the editor,
On Oct. 6, President Donald Trump gave Turkey the green light to invade the Kurdish majority region of Syria. These are the Kurds who worked with U.S. advisers to defeat ISIS and bring calm to the region. The Kurds have lived in this area for decades and in the process of defeating ISIS, suffered 11,000 casualties while only 11 American fighters were lost. By stepping aside, Trump left our closest fighting allies alone against a superior military force.
Thursday, 24 October 2019 08:33

Vote carefully to avoid Democratic extremes

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To the editor,
The Democratic Party across the nation has a plan to pass laws in blue states legalizing abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. They passed it in New York State, then here in Illinois. The plan is also to require age-inappropriate sex education beginning in kindergarten. It’s already been passed in Democrat-majority statehouses in California and Minnesota.
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