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Friday, 09 December 2016 09:44

Chapel on the Hill offers Living Nativity

The Christian Arts Centre of Chapel on the Hill presents its fourth annual Living Nativity, the story of the birth of Jesus presented through music and narration.

This year's Nativity features a live, outdoor, contemplative scene with caroling, followed by a concert in the Christian Arts Centre. Shows are at 7 p.m. Friday, Dec. 9, and Saturday, Dec. 10, and at 3 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 11.

 Tickets are available at 262-245-9122 or at

 The Christian Arts Centre is located at N2440 Ara Glen Road in Lake Geneva.

Starting Jan. 3, 2017, Walworth County residents will have a county-wide public transportation through a shared-ride taxi service, according to a news release from the Walworth County Transportation Coordinating Committee.  

Since April 2014, the Walworth County Department of Health and Human Services contracted with VIP Services of Elkhorn to provide transportation services to residents 60 years and older, disabled adults and veterans.

The services were limited to non-medical appointments, dialysis appointments, senior dining center and grocery stores on limited days.

The new service will offer transportation to all county residents for any purpose.  

Hours of operation will be from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday-Friday and from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays, according to the release.  

The service is available to all areas of the county, but will not provide in-town transportation in the City of Whitewater, which has its own shared-ride program.  Whitewater residents, however, may use the service to travel to other Walworth County communities.

Individuals who reside in rural areas of county, however, will have transportation to the nearest community to their residence regarded as in-town transportation.

The basic fare for in-town transportation is $3.50 for adults and $2.50 for seniors, persons with disabilities and students.  

VIP Services, Inc. of Elkhorn will provide vehicles, drivers and dispatch for the service after successfully meeting the County’s requirements during a procurement process. 

Individuals desiring rides should call VIP at 262-723-4043, Extension 161after December 22 to reserve rides.  While advance reservations are suggested, the service will provide rides without advanced reservations as well at the same phone number.

Further information regarding the program is available by contacting Walworth County Administration at 262-741-4357.

All Fares Shown are One-Way:

In town:   Elderly/Disabled/Student        $2.50
         Regular Adult                                 $3.50
         Billed Fare                                      $7

Next Community :
    Elderly/Disabled/Student        $4
    Regular Adult                          $5
    Billed Fare                               $9

Next towns are defined as: Delavan to Elkhorn, Darien; Darien to Delavan, Walworth/Fontana; East Troy to Elkhorn; Elkhorn to Delavan, East Troy, Williams Bay; Genoa City to Lake Geneva, Pell Lake; Lake Geneva to Elkhorn, Genoa City, Lyons, Bloomfield, Williams Bay;  Bloomfield to Genoa City and Lake Geneva; Sharon to Darien and Walworth/Fontana; Walworth/Fontana to Darien, Sharon, Williams Bay; Whitewater to La Grange, Richmond; Williams Bay to Elkhorn, Lake Geneva, Walworth/Fontana.

Walworth/Fontana is regarded as one community.  

Mercy Walworth Medical Center is treated as a next-town trip from Delavan, Elkhorn and Williams Bay and an in-town trip for Lake Geneva.

Township residents trips are regarded as in-town to the nearest community listed above.

Any in-county trip not listed above:
    Elderly/Disabled/Student        $6
    Regular Adult                          $7.50
    Billed Fare                               $12

Thursday, 08 December 2016 08:59

Adding to prep legacy

Athlete profile:Grant Truesdale

Athlete’s name: Grant Truesdale

School: Elkhorn Area High School

Year: Junior

Sports: Soccer and wrestling

Honors/recognition for each sport: State runner-up in soccer; first-team all-conference and conference wrestling champion

Season scoring stats, best times, etc.: Most pins in 2015-’16 season (22), placed third at sectionals in wrestling

Describe yourself on/off the field: Work hard on and off the field and it will get you places.

How did you get started in playing each of the sports or your favorite sport: Began wrestling around age 6 and loved the sport from the start. Started soccer in middle school, team kept winning and it was an all-around fun time.

Biggest influences/role models and why: My parents, who have influenced me to work hard at everything I do.

Most memorable moment(s) in high school sports: Winning conference my sophomore year and placing second at state in soccer.

What advice would you give younger athletes about competing at the high school and/or collegiate levels: Work as hard as you can every day in practice. It’s a whole new level and takes a ton of offseason and in-season work to be good. Nothing is handed to you.

Your nickname, if any: Truesie

Favorite athlete(s): Kyle Snyder (American Olympic gold medalist wrestler) and Eddie Lacy

Favorite team(s): Green Bay Packers

Any other hobbies outside of sports: Playing backyard games with friends as much as possible

Post-high school plans: Attend college; pursue a degree in the medical field

To participate in CSIMedia’s Athlete Profiles, coaches and/or student-athletes should email Sports Editor Todd Mishler at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive a questionnaire. Please submit the completed form and any action or school photos at your earliest convenience. If you don’t have a photo available, we can arrange to come and take one.



Thursday, 01 December 2016 16:48

Man pleads not guilty in acid trip spree

ELKHORN—A man pleaded not guilty to charges he stole a car, ran naked near the UW-Whitewater campus and attempted to sexually assault a woman who gave him clothes, all while high on acid. 

1201 acid trip

Chidiebele P. Ozodi, 20, of South Milwaukee, pleaded not guilty to felonies attempted second-degree sexual assault and operating a vehicle without owner consent and misdemeanor disorderly conduct, according to the criminal complaint filed in Walworth County Court.

On Oct. 4, Whitewater police responded to a report of a car hitting a tree on Starin Road. The driver, later identified as Ozodi, left on foot and began punching parked cars while naked, according to the complaint.

Ozodi forced himself on top of a woman who gave him shorts and a T-shirt and told her he was going to rape her before the woman and a nearby man were able to get him off, according to the complaint.

Ozodi told police he had taken two tablets of acid.

Ozodi is next due in court at 2:30 p.m. Feb. 1 for a final pretrial hearing.

1130 gonzalez

ELKHORN—A man charged with beating his roommate with a baseball bat after an argument at a Darien strip club rejected a plea agreement Tuesday and is expected to go to trial next week.

Gabino Dominguez Gonzalez, 42, of the village of Walworth, rejected a plea agreement that would have had him pleading guilty to attempted murder. He still faces that charge and another for aggravated battery in Walworth County Court.

Dominguez Gonzalez and his then-22-year-old roommate went to the strip club Dec. 26, according to the criminal complaint. The two fought in the parking lot and then returned to their home.

The fight continued at their home, where the roommate punched Dominguez Gonzalez before Dominguez Gonzalez grabbed a baseball bat and hit the roommate three of four times, according to the complaint.

The roommate was taken to Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center in Janesville, where doctors told police he had facial and skull fractures, a brain bleed and detached retina, according to the complaint.

Dominguez Gonzalez's trial is set for Monday through Friday, but Judge Phil Koss has another jury trial scheduled for the same time, meaning one of the cases could be rescheduled.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016 15:54

Here's to the holidays

ELKHORN — You’ll barely finish your Thanksgiving leftovers before it’s time to dig into Christmas activities in area communities.

Here are few places where you can enjoy the lights and sights of the season.

Thursday, 17 November 2016 19:57

Area schools get report cards

On Thursday, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction released its school report cards.

The state report cards take into account more than just test scores, although those account for more than half of the total score in one way or another.

The four standards used are:

-- Student achievement: Performance on the state's reading and math tests.

-- Student growth: Individual improvement over time on the state's reading and math tests.

-- Closing gaps: The progress of students in subgroups such as special education, English as a second language and minority groups. The state looks at progress on test scores and graduation rates.

 -- Being on track to graduation: Readiness for post-secondary education or the workplace.

The five categories are "significantly exceeds exceptions," "exceeds expectations," "meets expectations," "meets some expectations" and "meets few expectations."

Each school district is given an overall score, and each school is scored. For districts with only one school, the school score is the same as the district score.

Albany School District

Community Middle School, 55.6, meets few expectations.

Elementary school, 65.6, meets expectations.

High school, 65.2, meets expectations.

Big Foot Unified School District

High school, 68.9, meets expectations.

Badger Unified School District

Badger High School, 61.9, meets few expectations.

Beloit School District

District score, 58.4, meets few expectations.

Aldrich Intermediate, 58.5, meets few expectations.

Beloit Learning Academy, alternate rating, satisfactory progress.

Beloit Virtual School, alternate rating, satisfactory progress.

Converse Elementary, 85.4, significantly exceeds expectations.

Cunningham Intermediate, 59.8, meets few expectations.

Fran Fruzen Intermediate School, alternate rating, satisfactory progress.

Gaston Elementary, 60.6, meets few expectations.

Hackett Elementary, 54.8, meets few expectations.

McNeel Intermediate, 63.3, meets expectations.

Memorial High School, 58.2, meets few expectations.

Merrill Elementary, 53.5, meets few expectations.

Robinson Elementary, 61.4, meets few expectations.

Roy Chapman Andrews Academy, alternative rating, satisfactory progress.

Todd Elementary, 66.6, meets expectations.

 Beloit Turner School District

District score, 75.5, exceeds expectations.

Powers Elementary, alternate rating, satisfactory progress.

Townview Elementary, 79.6, exceeds expectations.

High school, 75.3, exceeds expectations.

Middle school, 70.8, meets expectations.

Big Foot Unified School District

High school, 68.9, meets expectations.

Brodhead School District

District score, 70.6, meets expectations.

High school, 65.7, meets expectations.

Middle school, 67.5, meets expectations.

Ronald R. Albrecht Elementary, 73.2, exceeds expectations.

Clinton Community School District

District score,72.3, meets expectations.

Elementary school, 77, exceeds expectations.

High school, 61, meets few expectations.

Middle school, 72.4, meets expectations.

Delavan-Darien School District

District score, 63.3, meets expectations.

Darien Elementary, 67.5, meets expectations.

High school, 60.5, meets few expectations.

Phoenix Middle School, 64.6, meets expectations.

Turtle Creek Elementary, 61.6, meets few expectations.

Wileman Elementary, 62.3, meets few expectations.

East Troy Community School District

District score, 71.8, meets expectations.

Doubek Elementary, alternative rating, satisfactory progress.

High school, 71.5, meets expectations.

Middle school, 63.5, meets expectations.

Prairie View Elementary, 73.7, exceeds expectations

Edgerton School District

District score, 71.5, meets expectations.

Community Elementary, 73.8, exceeds expectations.

High school, 65.1, meets expectations.

Middle school, 71.8, meets expectations.

Yahara Elementary, 73.4, exceeds expectations.

Elkhorn Area School District

District score, 77.1, exceeds expectations.

High school, 72.5, meets expectations.

Middle school, 75.8, exceeds expectations.

Elkhorn Options Virtual School, alternate rating, satisfactory progress.

Jackson Elementary, 79.1, exceeds expectations.

Tibbets Elementary, 74.5, exceeds expectations.

Walworth County Alt High School, alternative rating, satisfactory progress.

West Side Elementary, 70.1, meets expectations.

Evansville Community School District

District score, 76.9, exceeds expectations.

High school, 63.6, meets expectations.

J C McKenna Middle School, 73.2, exceeds expectations.

Levi Leonard Elementary, alternative rating, satisfactory progress.

Theodore Robinson Intermediate, 81.5, exceeds expectations.

Fontana J8 School District

Elementary, 79.3, exceeds expectations.

Geneva J4

Woods Elementary, 88.5, significantly exceeds expectations.

Lake Geneva J1 School District

Central, Denison Elementary, 80.7, exceeds expectations.

Eastview Elementary, 72.2, meets expectations.

Lake Geneva Middle School, 68.8, meets expectations.

Linn J4

Traver Elementary, 75.3, exceeds expectations.

Linn J6

Reek Elementary, 91.6, significantly exceeds expectations.


District score, 77.5, exceeds expectations.

Abraham Lincoln Elementary,70.4, meets expectations.

High school, 65.7, meets expectations.

Middle school, 78.7, exceeds expectations.

Northside Elementary, 87.6, significantly exceeds expectations.

Parkside Elementary, 73.4, exceeds expectations.

Parkview School District

Elementary, 81.5, exceeds expectations.

High school, 68.7, meets expectations.

Junior high school, 65.7, meets expectations.

Sharon J11

Sharon Community School, 74.8, exceeds expectations.

Walworth J1

Walworth Elementary, 79, exceeds expectations.

Whitewater Unified School District

District score, 70.2, meets expectations.

JEDI Virtual K-12, alternate rating, satisfactory progress.

Lakeview Elementary, 85.6, significantly exceeds expectations.

Lincoln Inquiry Charter School, 76.2, exceeds expectations.

Washington Elementary, 91.6, significantly exceeds expectations.

High school, 69.2, meets expectations.

Middle school, 63.4, meets expectations.

Williams Bay

Middle school, 78.1, exceeds expectations

WALWORTH COUNTY SUNDAY -- Thousands of people will be converging this week on a Lake Geneva-area farm to view the latest in agricultural technology and to see firsthand how a family farm is operated.

Wisconsin Farm Technology Days will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, July 19 through July 21, at Snudden Farms, N764 Zenda Road. This is the first year the event has been held in Walworth County.

WALWORTH COUNTY SUNDAY -- The $3 million residence for sale on South Shore Drive in Delavan is a 10,000-square foot house with 120 feet of frontage along Delavan Lake.

The home features six fireplaces, a gourmet kitchen, first- and second-floor laundry rooms, a billiard room, theater room, wet bar, full beauty salon, a great room with soaring ceilings and an exercise room just off the first floor master bedroom suite.

There is a separate, 300-square-foot enclosed screened porch overlooking the lake, an attached three-car and a detached two-car garage as well as a boat shed. There’s even an optional gatehouse -- designed by Frank Lloyd Wright -- available for an additional $260,000.

The home was once part of a large estate owned by the late Edward Brennan, who was the CEO of Sears, Roebuck and Co. Brennan is just one in a long list of tycoons, business magnates and families with names like Borg or Wrigley who have been drawn to lakeside summer homes in the Delavan and Lake Geneva areas for more than 100 years.

Thursday, 03 September 2015 10:28

Photo Gallery: 2015 Walworth County Fair

Photos from the 2015 Walworth COunty Fair

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