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Thursday, 17 November 2016 19:57

Area schools get report cards

On Thursday, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction released its school report cards.

The state report cards take into account more than just test scores, although those account for more than half of the total score in one way or another.

The four standards used are:

-- Student achievement: Performance on the state's reading and math tests.

-- Student growth: Individual improvement over time on the state's reading and math tests.

-- Closing gaps: The progress of students in subgroups such as special education, English as a second language and minority groups. The state looks at progress on test scores and graduation rates.

 -- Being on track to graduation: Readiness for post-secondary education or the workplace.

The five categories are "significantly exceeds exceptions," "exceeds expectations," "meets expectations," "meets some expectations" and "meets few expectations."

Each school district is given an overall score, and each school is scored. For districts with only one school, the school score is the same as the district score.

Albany School District

Community Middle School, 55.6, meets few expectations.

Elementary school, 65.6, meets expectations.

High school, 65.2, meets expectations.

Big Foot Unified School District

High school, 68.9, meets expectations.

Badger Unified School District

Badger High School, 61.9, meets few expectations.

Beloit School District

District score, 58.4, meets few expectations.

Aldrich Intermediate, 58.5, meets few expectations.

Beloit Learning Academy, alternate rating, satisfactory progress.

Beloit Virtual School, alternate rating, satisfactory progress.

Converse Elementary, 85.4, significantly exceeds expectations.

Cunningham Intermediate, 59.8, meets few expectations.

Fran Fruzen Intermediate School, alternate rating, satisfactory progress.

Gaston Elementary, 60.6, meets few expectations.

Hackett Elementary, 54.8, meets few expectations.

McNeel Intermediate, 63.3, meets expectations.

Memorial High School, 58.2, meets few expectations.

Merrill Elementary, 53.5, meets few expectations.

Robinson Elementary, 61.4, meets few expectations.

Roy Chapman Andrews Academy, alternative rating, satisfactory progress.

Todd Elementary, 66.6, meets expectations.

 Beloit Turner School District

District score, 75.5, exceeds expectations.

Powers Elementary, alternate rating, satisfactory progress.

Townview Elementary, 79.6, exceeds expectations.

High school, 75.3, exceeds expectations.

Middle school, 70.8, meets expectations.

Big Foot Unified School District

High school, 68.9, meets expectations.

Brodhead School District

District score, 70.6, meets expectations.

High school, 65.7, meets expectations.

Middle school, 67.5, meets expectations.

Ronald R. Albrecht Elementary, 73.2, exceeds expectations.

Clinton Community School District

District score,72.3, meets expectations.

Elementary school, 77, exceeds expectations.

High school, 61, meets few expectations.

Middle school, 72.4, meets expectations.

Delavan-Darien School District

District score, 63.3, meets expectations.

Darien Elementary, 67.5, meets expectations.

High school, 60.5, meets few expectations.

Phoenix Middle School, 64.6, meets expectations.

Turtle Creek Elementary, 61.6, meets few expectations.

Wileman Elementary, 62.3, meets few expectations.

East Troy Community School District

District score, 71.8, meets expectations.

Doubek Elementary, alternative rating, satisfactory progress.

High school, 71.5, meets expectations.

Middle school, 63.5, meets expectations.

Prairie View Elementary, 73.7, exceeds expectations

Edgerton School District

District score, 71.5, meets expectations.

Community Elementary, 73.8, exceeds expectations.

High school, 65.1, meets expectations.

Middle school, 71.8, meets expectations.

Yahara Elementary, 73.4, exceeds expectations.

Elkhorn Area School District

District score, 77.1, exceeds expectations.

High school, 72.5, meets expectations.

Middle school, 75.8, exceeds expectations.

Elkhorn Options Virtual School, alternate rating, satisfactory progress.

Jackson Elementary, 79.1, exceeds expectations.

Tibbets Elementary, 74.5, exceeds expectations.

Walworth County Alt High School, alternative rating, satisfactory progress.

West Side Elementary, 70.1, meets expectations.

Evansville Community School District

District score, 76.9, exceeds expectations.

High school, 63.6, meets expectations.

J C McKenna Middle School, 73.2, exceeds expectations.

Levi Leonard Elementary, alternative rating, satisfactory progress.

Theodore Robinson Intermediate, 81.5, exceeds expectations.

Fontana J8 School District

Elementary, 79.3, exceeds expectations.

Geneva J4

Woods Elementary, 88.5, significantly exceeds expectations.

Lake Geneva J1 School District

Central, Denison Elementary, 80.7, exceeds expectations.

Eastview Elementary, 72.2, meets expectations.

Lake Geneva Middle School, 68.8, meets expectations.

Linn J4

Traver Elementary, 75.3, exceeds expectations.

Linn J6

Reek Elementary, 91.6, significantly exceeds expectations.


District score, 77.5, exceeds expectations.

Abraham Lincoln Elementary,70.4, meets expectations.

High school, 65.7, meets expectations.

Middle school, 78.7, exceeds expectations.

Northside Elementary, 87.6, significantly exceeds expectations.

Parkside Elementary, 73.4, exceeds expectations.

Parkview School District

Elementary, 81.5, exceeds expectations.

High school, 68.7, meets expectations.

Junior high school, 65.7, meets expectations.

Sharon J11

Sharon Community School, 74.8, exceeds expectations.

Walworth J1

Walworth Elementary, 79, exceeds expectations.

Whitewater Unified School District

District score, 70.2, meets expectations.

JEDI Virtual K-12, alternate rating, satisfactory progress.

Lakeview Elementary, 85.6, significantly exceeds expectations.

Lincoln Inquiry Charter School, 76.2, exceeds expectations.

Washington Elementary, 91.6, significantly exceeds expectations.

High school, 69.2, meets expectations.

Middle school, 63.4, meets expectations.

Williams Bay

Middle school, 78.1, exceeds expectations



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