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Thursday, 26 October 2017 13:07

Republican tax reform will help middle class

To the editor,
Our tax system is broken. America has the fourth highest corporate tax rate in the world. Companies are leaving. People are struggling to get by.

Monday, 14 August 2017 00:00

Ryan to hold televised town hall

Rep. Paul Ryan will appear at a televised Wisconsin town hall at 9 p.m., Monday, Aug. 21, at the Racine Theater Guild, 2519 Northwestern Ave., in Racine.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper will moderate the event.

Ryan, who is serving as Speaker of the House, will take questions from an audience of First District constituents. Among the issues expected to be discussed are looming deadlines for the 2018 federal budget, tax reform legislation, an infrastructure package, and House Republican priorities once Congress is back in session.

“CNN will be in charge of attendance for this event and is inviting people of Wisconsin's First District to fill the audience,” a news release from Ryan’s office stated.

Live coverage will air on CNN, CNN en Español, CNN International, and will be carried by CNN’s SiriusXM Channel 116 and the Westwood One Radio Network. 

WISCONSIN DELLS -- The Republican Party of Walworth County was awarded the Wisconsin Award this past weekend when the Republican Party of Wisconsin held its 2017 convention in the Wisconsin Dells.

The Wisconsin Award Is the highest level of award a Wisconsin county party can receive.  Not only did the RPWC receive the Wisconsin Award, they also were recognized as one of the top five counties from across the state for its efforts during 2016.

Vice President Mike Pence was in Janesville Friday morning, March 3, 2017, along with Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Tom Price, Sen. Ron Johnson and Speaker Paul Ryan, who was back in his hometown. STORY

JANESVILLE -- Vice President Mike Pence met with business leaders in Janesville today as the administration continued to make the case against Obamacare and put pressure on Congress to pass a plan to repeal and replace.

Pence was in Janesville Friday morning, March 3, 2017, along with Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Tom Price, Sen. Ron Johnson and Speaker Paul Ryan, who was back in his hometown.

DELAVAN -- Paul Nehlen, a self-proclaimed former Paul Ryan supporter, will challenge the incumbent congressman for the Republican nomination for Wisconsin’s 1st District seat.

Nehlen, a businessman and Delavan resident, made the announcement on his website, The primary is Aug. 9, 2016 and the general election is Nov. 8, 2016.

Mike Zoril

Although Rep. Paul Ryan achieved his goal of getting government moving again, he raised the ire of conservatives within his party over the more than $1 trillion tax and spending measures passed Dec. 18, 2015.

Now, just a week later, Ryan may be facing a primary challenge from the right.

Mike Zoril of Beloit, a working class town of the western edge of the 1st Congressional District, announced on his Facebook page on Christmas eve that he may mount a primary challenge to the Speaker.

Zoril said that he receives enough support, he's "in it to win it."

Zoril, a longtime local activist, is chairman of Beloit's Equal Opportunities commission.

Zoril who attempted a run for Beloit City Council last spring but failed to gain a spot on the ballot because he didn't have enough valid nomination signatures, changed the name of his Facebook page Dec. 24 to "About Primary Challenge Paul Ryan - Republican Mike Zoril for Wisconsin Congress."

He describes himself in the about section as Christian and very conservative.

Ryan, who lives 20 minutes north of Beloit in Janesville, was named speaker of the House in October, and since then spent his time finalizing a deal that would fund the government and avoid a shutdown similar to 2013.

Ever since the House and Senate passed a tax package and $1.1 trillion spending plan, Ryan has been defending the plan to conservatives within the Republican party.

The deal made permanent a series of tax cuts as well as removing a decades old ban on exporting domestic oil.

However it included $700 billion in unpaid tax cuts, although Ryan maintains it simply keeps in place already approved tax measures.

Conservatives however seem most upset that the deal included neither a defunding measure for Planned Parenthood nor a repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Ryan says the House will pass a measure including both when it returns in January, and send it to the presidents desk.

President Obama likely will veto the measure, but in an interview with CSI Media last week, Ryan indicated he thought there was a chance for a veto override.

 Ryan also will face at least one Democrat in the fall 2016 election.

Tom Breu of Janesville quit his job in October at the Wisconsin Banking Commission as a consumer credit examiner to devote himself full time to his campaign.

Oh what a difference two years and a new speaker of the House make.

It was a October of 2013 when the government began a disastrous two-week shutdown after the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and Democrat-controlled Senate were unable to come to a temporary spending agreement.

JANESVILLE -- Illinois and Wisconsin are two of 25 states that have announced they will halt the resettlement of Syrian refugees following the terrorist attacks in Paris.

However it is unclear if states can keep refugees out once they are allowed to enter the United States.



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