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Former Green Bay Packer wide receiver Donald Driver visited Wileman Elementary School in Delavan June 1 as a reward for the school collecting the most donations for Goodwill Industries Pack’er Up Challenge.

Monday, 21 December 2015 11:31

One sports junkie’s 12 days of Christmas

Unlike Ralphie Parker, star of the 1983 holiday classic “The Christmas Story,” yours truly always believed a football was a great present to receive Dec. 25.

Peter Billingsley’s character dreamed of ripping open an official Red Ryder carbine-action, 200-shot, range-model air rifle and getting off spectacular hip shots in his backyard in northwestern Indiana during the early 1940s.

Millions of Cheeseheads worldwide rode the same emotional roller coaster that he did every week for 16 years in Green Bay, and most fans would do it again for one Brett Lorenzo Favre.

Peyton Manning has surpassed several of No. 4’s National Football League records, and several others may do the same during the next few years. However, no one will match the iconic status or the gunslinger mentality of the quarterback from Kiln, Mississippi -- or his 336 interceptions. Favre’s toughness and kid-on-the-sandlot playing style were unmatched, at least at the QB position, and it helped the Packers reach the postseason 11 times during his stay.

Some left the Green and Gold bandwagon, and have never jumped back on, after Favre’s messy divorce from the team that ushered in the Aaron Rodgers era. But his season in New York and two years with rival Minnesota -- along with his many off-the-field transgressions, such as substance abuse issues and a sexual harassment lawsuit -- may not have been forgotten but have been forgiven by most.



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