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Friday, 13 December 2019 08:21

Children are learning from a divisive culture

Written by  Staff Writer
To the editor,
A recent article in USA Today by Savannah Behrmann emphasizes the role of Stephen Miller, a senior policy adviser for our president. She states Miller puts priority on white nationalism, the Muslim travel ban and family separation policies at the Mexican border. Miller has focused on crimes committed by nonwhites and he emphasizes limiting and even ending nonwhite immigration to the United States.
Remember when our president described Mexicans as being rapists and robbers? He also stated Mexico will pay for his wall. Miller also has expressed a conspiracy theory that claims nonwhite people are trying to eliminate the white race. These policies are filled with hate, exclusion and paranoia and do nothing to decrease the divisiveness and “me versus you” attitudes in our communities.

Our children and grandchildren are listening to this nonsense. It’s disturbing that so many citizens and politicians do not care what kind of role models they are for our children. Children are listening to our lies and our hateful statements and soon they feel our irresponsible statements are normal. The current administration emphasizes “alternative facts” and these facts are filled with propaganda, lies and the demonization of people who don’t agree with their policies.

Can adults act like adults and Christians practice their faith rather than practice politics and support administrative policies that are irresponsible and divisive? Perhaps we are rotting from within. Many citizens and politicians are making a mockery of the slogan, “Make America great again.”

Leon K. Freeburg


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