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Wednesday, 18 September 2019 13:41

Parents should worry about teens using e-cigarettes

Written by  Staff Writer
To the editor,
As a parent, we worry about our kids making the right decisions, doing well in school, etc. But now we have to worry about our kids being introduced to e-cigarettes and knowing what to look for. These devices can look like a USB flash drive and the newest device looks like a Fitbit! As parents, we have a reason to be concerned, because the use of these (devices) has skyrocketed by 272 percent among middle school youth and 154 percent among high school students in the last four years.
Many of these products are flavored and are a huge draw for youth. In fact, 89 percent of Wisconsin high school students say they wouldn’t try unflavored tobacco products. A large concern for me as a parent is the high amount of nicotine in these products and how nicotine affects the developing brain.

Given the nature of these products, it is important that Rock County school districts’ policies include electronic delivery devices as well as more conventional tobacco products to provide a healthy learning environment for our children.

Parents can learn more about this at You also can get involved with the local Rock County tobacco prevention coalition by going to or by checking us out on Facebook at Southwest Alliance for Tobacco Prevention.

Xandi Finn


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