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Thursday, 22 August 2019 07:53

Free college isn’t an inalienable right, despite what some Dems say

Written by  Staff Writer
To the editor,
Are these Socialist Democrats serious?

Stupidity: 1. The lack of intelligence, perception or common sense. 2. To act or speak without thought.
Now that Bernie Sanders and other Socialist Democrats contending for the presidency have declared a free college education for everyone an inalienable right, are we not confronted with a dilemma? Are they thinking of an inalienable right in the same manner as were the Founding Fathers? Are they suggesting that a free college education is another of those “certain inalienable rights” which men were endowed with by their Creator?

If so, what about all those who, in the past, have never received a free college education? Is the government going to give them some form of reparation and restitution?

If so, what form will it take? Will those who paid for the college education be reimbursed all their expenses, including the interest? If not, why are they being denied their inalienable right? Will those who failed to get a college education earlier in life — for whatever reason — be given a chance in their later years to get a free college education? If not, why are we being denied our inalienable right? Is it or isn’t it an inalienable right?

Do these Socialist Democrats even know what an inalienable right is? If they are assuming to take on the role of “Creator” and begin endowing all men with “certain inalienable rights,” why not endow Socialist Democrats with some common sense?

Great Scot, do they know what they are talking about?

LeRoy W. Little


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