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Thursday, 22 August 2019 07:53

Undocumented workers contribute to society, deserve a chance to stay

Written by  Staff Writer
To the editor,
The recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids that arrested nearly 700 undocumented food-processing workers in Mississippi did not take into custody the rapists, murderers and criminals that our president says are invading our country. Most of the workers arrested had lived in their communities for years and were contributing members of American society. Many own their own homes and support local economies along with churches and schools. These are not people who just slipped into the country recently but have lived, worked and raised families in these communities for a decade or more.
Since 1.3 jobs exist now for every available worker in our country, these are not people who are stealing jobs from Americans. They are filling job needs in the food-processing industries and are reliable employees because they have settled into these communities over the years and consequently do not leave jobs once they are hired.

President Donald Trump declared that these raids and the subsequent deportations will serve as a strong deterrent to people entering our country illegally. Most assuredly these people broke the law when they entered illegally, but how is tearing apart families and communities where these people live, work and contribute to the well-being of America a wise move?

It would make more sense to grant work visas so that these people can remain where they have lived and worked for years. Why should people who have invested in their communities and America and are adding value to our nation be uprooted and sent away?

Jerry Hanson


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