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Thursday, 25 July 2019 08:20

Criticism of Paul Ryan is deserved after ‘20 years of failure’

Written by  Staff Writer
To the editor,
It is appropriate that the truth about Paul Ryan is being exposed, not only by President Donald Trump, but by other significant sources. It’s absurd for Ryan to call out Trump for knowing nothing about government because Trump is second to none on implementing his policies and Ryan couldn’t even make the list.
Ryan left himself wide open to criticism to his 20 years of failure and constant compromising of conservative principles, saying one thing and voting the opposite and voting party over principle. He had both the House and the Senate and he failed to take advantage of the many opportunities he had to enforce existing immigration laws. He opted to punt on every occasion. He’d make a great Democrat!

He has the most insignificant legacy in history. He may be best known for ruining Mitt Romney’s bid for the White House, but I remember him for all the blood he has on his hands for turning his back on the victims of illegal immigration. He did this country an injustice.

Trump is pro-America, pro-Constitution and anti-socialism. Ryan is pro-United Nations, pro-globalization and pro-world government. He’s a stooge for donors and deep state cronies. He’s as big a fraud as our last president.

Trump’s accomplishments are mounting and Ryan's are ... well, no one can think of one.
A telling moment was when Trump was getting standing ovations while campaigning in Janesville while Ryan was getting booed at the mention of his name.

Kim Olson


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