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Thursday, 25 July 2019 08:19

U.S. must protect its borders, but liberals refuse to fix situation

Written by  Staff Writer
To the editor,
In reference to a letter to the editor printed July 21, about Scott Warren: Scott Warren is a 36-year-old teacher/activist who went to the border and gave water and food to illegal immigrants.
There is a federal law against aiding and abetting people who try to enter our country illegally. Warren was asked by federal agents to leave, refused and then was arrested. Federal agents explained they don’t have time to watch for the safety of civilians.
Liberals have a way of complaining about President Donald Trump when he has tried to fix the disaster at the border.

Why weren’t they complaining when President Barack Obama built the detention cages and was the first to separate children from parents? Forty percent cross without relative children just to get in. U.S. Border patrol officials say 100,000 per month try to cross and 688,375 border apprehensions have been made since October 2018.

Your liberal counterparts who hold the majority in Congress refuse to write any law or take any measure to fix it.

We are a nation, not a wilderness without borders. We have to protect our borders — if it takes a wall — and not allow crime, drugs and illegals to vote. We protect other nations’ borders with our military, but the liberals do not want to protect ours.

Believe it or not, Trump’s border agenda added clean drinking water and air conditioning to the cages Obama built.

Stop complaining about Trump; call your congressmen to do something. Obey the laws we have and make America great again.

Mike Buchek
East Troy


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