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Thursday, 11 July 2019 09:14

Noah’s Ark evidence will doom the ideas of global warming, evolution

Written by  Staff Writer
To the editor,
The very word “Semite” confirms the cataclysm of the global-flood as it means of the offspring of Noah’s son, Shem. Semites include not only Hebrews, but Arabs and Africans. Judaism, Christianity and all ancient civilizations believed in the Great Flood. Even Mohammed wrote of it in his seventh-century Koran. Explorer Marco Polo recorded in his log of a “three-day climb” to see Noah’s Ark on an Armenian mountain.
Over the centuries hundreds of people claimed to have seen or visited that petrified barge frozen in a glacial lake in the mountains of Ararat. It had once been home to the last surviving humans and land-animals on earth. In 1917 Anastasia proudly wore an amulet made from a remnant of the Ark brought back by an expedition of 150 soldiers her father, Czar Nicholas II, sent to find the ark. A year later her entire family was executed by communists. They confiscated all evidence of the ark and tracked down most of the soldiers who saw it and murdered them. Four managed to escape but didn’t dare mention what they knew for decades.

These days we have fake news, fake history and even fake science. One day physical evidence of Noah’s Ark will doom the fairy tale of global warming and the evolution myth to the ash heap of history.

Kevin T. Graham


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