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Thursday, 02 May 2019 08:32

Let’s move past Mueller Report and debate policy instead

Written by  Staff Writer
To the editor,
The Mueller Report is in, and despite Democrat claims of proof of collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia to rig the election, there was no collusion.
Zero. We learned what Barack Obama knew prior to the election — Russia has been tampering in U.S. elections. Democrats are still talking about obstruction but defended Hillary Clinton, who smashed cell phones and used “BleachBit” to permanently destroy evidence of her secret email server housed in a closet of her bathroom. It’s time to move on.

Let’s get back to elections based not on identity politics and personality but rather a legitimate discussion of what policies will make America a better place for all.

Trump has many personal shortcomings, but examine the policies he has enacted. America has record low unemployment, including for African-Americans and Hispanics, resulting from the Trump-Ryan tax cut. Opportunities for women abound. Foreign trade deals are being renegotiated to benefit Americans and the stock market has soared since the day of Trump’s election. Despite opposition, Trump persists in advocating for legal immigration while stopping illegal immigration and the human trafficking and drugs accompanying it.

I’m pleased to see Democrats propose ideas, too, including government-run health care, tax increases, reparations for descendants of slaves, eliminating dairy farms, guaranteed income even for those unwilling to work and more. I vehemently disagree with these policies but let’s leave personal attacks behind and have the debate on policy. Elections should be based on policy, not the personality, race or sexual identity of the candidate.

Rich Strohm


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