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Thursday, 28 March 2019 09:06

County should be responsive to citizen concerns about flooding

Written by  Staff Writer
To the editor,
In the past month we have seen many examples of severe flooding in the Midwest. The combination of frozen ground, snow melt and rain have made many areas once thought safe from flooding devastated.
Even here in Walworth County, we have seen flooding and damage.

As a taxpayer in Walworth County I realize that water runoff and its management is a complex issue. So in 2017 I, along with several of my neighbors, asked the township of Sugar Creek and Walworth County Department of Land Use and Resource Management to have a joint discussion on what can be done to improve water runoff in our area. At first both entities were helpful about the issue presented. But very soon the Walworth County Department of Land Use and Resource Management refused to even talk about it. In particular, Director Michael Cotter declared they were pulling out of any further conversations on this matter and stated “get a lawyer.”

Now in March 2019 the same scenario played out again. We had some flooding and asked the township and county for assistance and advice and got the same response from the county.
My question is: Why am I paying taxes that underwrite an office in county government that is unresponsive and hostile to me and other taxpayers?

Karl Otto



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