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Thursday, 21 March 2019 10:49

It’s way past time to end ‘culture of death’ in America

Written by  Staff Writer
To the editor,
Following the birth in the delivery room we can now have a committee meeting and a decision whether to kill the baby wrapped in a blanket on the table. This according to several state laws ... and now bolstered by a proposed Virginia law. Unbelievable!
Tragically, here in America, for the past 46 years, a culture of death has prevailed, curling up from the infamous Roe v. Wade decision allowing abortion. Herein, the court, based on a vague “privacy” point, (not found in the U.S. Constitution) allows a woman to in effect own the baby, like property or a slave, and consequently do whatever she pleases with the child, including its destruction. In effect, kill the undesirable. Sadly reminiscent of the smoke from the ovens.

The terrible consequence of this allowance is the implicit approval of a self-centered, “all about me” attitude that has permeated and become pervasive throughout our society; ie: whatever I want or need, I deserve; whatever I deserve I have a right to receive.

Common sense, science, our God-given declaration of rights and our Judeo-Christian heritage all tell us it is a human baby, thus deserving of at least the protection we give the egg of our national bird.

It is 46 years past the time for all Protestant churches and men to cast off their fear of the insidious “women’s movement,” find their God-given courage and take an aggressive stand for pre- and post-natal babies.

Don Hilbig



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