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Thursday, 07 March 2019 09:12

A vote for Hagedorn will help protect legislative gains

Written by  Staff Writer
To the editor,
On April 2 Wisconsin will choose our next Wisconsin Supreme Court justice. Judge Brian Hagedorn is running based on his experience as a current Appellate Court judge who has the endorsement of 38 county sheriffs, five state Supreme Court justices and many district attorneys from across Wisconsin. They agree with Hagedorn that a Supreme Court justice’s role is to rule on the law — not to make law from the bench.
Hagedorn’s opponents are openly attacking him for holding mainstream Catholic religious beliefs even though Hagedorn has a history where his personal beliefs have not affected his judicial decisions. Hagedorn’s critics know his experience makes him the clear choice for Wisconsin voters.

My question to you is are you willing to stay home from the polls and let an eminently qualified judge be defeated simply for holding Christian beliefs?

Wisconsin has made many great legislative gains in past years that will be reversed by a liberal Supreme Court who see their role is to make law from the bench. Photo ID for voting, right to work, gun owner’s rights and Act 10 tax cuts could all be at risk. Please, take a few minutes on or before April 2 to vote for Judge Brian Hagedorn.

Rich Strohm



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