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Thursday, 07 February 2019 09:04

Children need our help to stop inequality, abuse

Written by  Staff Writer
To the editor,
Citibank, like other corporations in the U.S., puts out annual reports that are for public view.
Citibank reported it pays its female employees 29 percent less than their male co-workers. Citibank, like other corporations, is breaking the law. Paying women 29 percent less is the national average and is against women’s civil rights and women’s equal rights. The really disgusting part is when you look up abuse and money inequality, it is the conditioning of women and children to rely on an abuser. The system and laws are not set up or written that women and children should be abused; the people who are enforcing their idea of the laws are setting up this cycle of abuse.

Bless the heart of every man who is a caregiver, but for the most part, women are the caregivers. Children not only suffer the most from this battle of manhood versus womanhood, they are isolated and silenced. Things like affordable housing, equal pay, cost of living wages and the end of selling deadly addictive prescription drugs would greatly help younger generations out of the cycle of abuse. The first thing we as adults can do is see a child’s perspective. Many children in America, the richest country in the world, are in poverty and raise themselves because of the inequality in a self-proclaimed equal society.

First and foremost, please stop the age restriction on food pantries. Children cannot even go to a food pantry to feed themselves. There is no age limit for starvation. If we really want to help younger generations, we are actually going to have to do just that — help them.

Jamie L. White
town of La Grange


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