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Thursday, 07 February 2019 09:03

Unborn babies deserve protection over animals

Written by  Staff Writer
To the editor,
Reading Peggy Race’s Jan. 27th letter about the Moondog Madness events and how upset she was that coyotes were being killed during “three weekends, three cities and one blood sport” saddened me. No, not because coyotes will be part of a “glorify killing and violence.” It is the fact that this country and many of its citizens have created an imbalance of caring more for animals than they do for humans.
Our country just marked 46 years of legalized abortions, Roe v, Wade, on Jan. 22 and more than 60 million preborn babies have lost their lives.
Where are the weekly articles or commercials protesting the murders of these most innocent children? How can Peggy be “an animal welfare advocate” while 3,000 babies are slaughtered each day in their mother’s womb? Not just in three cities, during three weekends; they are killed every day in all 50 states. Something is very perverted in today’s society and extremely dysfunctional when animals have more priority (protection) than a preborn child.

Am I an animal hater? No. I just happen to have a solid mind to know that an animal is an animal, period. Yes, they can become enjoyable pets. But since this ... craze of animal obsession, I find myself aching more than ever for all those 60 million children who will never drew their first breath, all because they were an “unwanted child.” That they were slaughtered and dismembered by the demonic procedure called abortion ...
Peggy, the coyotes should be your last concern when 42,000 more little babies were slaughtered since last Sunday. At least the coyote killings are legally limited. God forgive each and every soul who has remained silent and allowed these 3,000 slaughterings each and every day for the past 46 years.

“Evil can only flourish when good men do nothing.”
— Edmund Burke

Sue Healey
East Troy


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