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Thursday, 07 February 2019 09:02

Coyote hunters help manage overpopulation

Written by  Staff Writer
To the editor,
Some people are “shocked” and “alarmed” at coyote hunting contests, calling them a “blood sport.” What I and many others find alarming is such blatant misinformation that attempts to brainwash those who may be on the fence. So-called “animal rights” arguments are all too often long on emotion and short on science.
First, to liken predator hunting to animal fighting is an apples-to-oranges comparison. Predator hunters are among the finest sportsmen and women, striving for a clean, ethical harvest of a small, wily quarry at long distance. This harvest also provides income for their families and warm clothing for others.

Predator hunters, including those who participate in contests, assist the Department of Natural Resources in managing coyote populations. Look at the Small Game Hunting Regulations ( harvest of all other game species is limited numerically and/or by season dates. Harvest of coyotes is unlimited in number during a year-round open hunting season. This means one thing: There are far too many coyotes to maintain a healthy balance in nature. This excess population does indeed threaten pets and livestock, and needs to be reduced.

Yes, good citizens should be concerned with real cases of animal cruelty. But the moral conscience of our nation is far more violated by the cruel, bloody tragedy of abortion. We need to work on outlawing this inhumane practice.

Gabriel Sather
town of Geneva


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