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Thursday, 29 November 2018 14:49

Some politicians add to climate of fear and hate

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To the editor,
The politics of fear, hate and politicians telling lies are everywhere. The Associated Press reports that hate groups such as neo-Nazis, white nationalists and skinheads believe Jews are to be blamed for “bad things happening in the United States.”

Too many politicians, including our president, seem to want politics rooted in fear and lies rather than politics rooted in hope. The politics of demonizing people of color or from another country are expressed often by politicians and citizens. White supremacists want to push their agenda and ideas into the mainstream of our lives. A member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Iowa has stated he believes immigrants will never make America great.

Jews represent only 2 percent of our population, yet they account for more than half of the victims of religious hate crimes, according to 2016 FBI data.

Our president and some of his political friends have a history of deliberately creating fear, distrust and polarization.

The Chicago Tribune reports an increase in anti-Semitism globally as extremists openly target Jews, and there has been a global denial. Self-righteous politicians convince themselves that anti-Semitism is not their problem. Some politicians tell lies about Jews and deny the Holocaust. Six million Jews were killed during the Holocaust in World War II.

Governments in Europe are having difficulty admitting acts of violence against Jews are anti-Semitic hate crimes. Attempts are being made to rewrite history. The Tribune reports there are attempts to deny responsibility for the Holocaust. How can we say those events will make America great? The politicians’ definition of making America great is confusing and ignorant.

Leon K. Freeburg



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