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Wednesday, 21 November 2018 10:12

Our thin-skinned culture creates ‘racism where it’s nonexistent’

Written by  Staff Writer
To the editor,
The media claims that reports of hate crimes has gone up 17 percent. That does not surprise me since people go out of their way to find racism. They redefine racism to include any ridiculous gesture or wording that one may spin as possibly having an element of racism in it. They create racism where it’s nonexistent to create more victims because the left has no platform to run on without victims and truth is optional.

The Baraboo group photograph of students supposedly displaying the Nazi salute is an example. The students were in various stages of waving like the photographer asked them to. Anyone seeing a racist salute really wanted to see that and if someone was offended by it, they really need to take a good look at themselves. This was an innocent, non-newsworthy event that some are turning into an opportunity to create victims.

What the left does to Trump on a daily basis and what they did to Brett Kavanaugh, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Tucker Carlson was a lot more disturbing. The left has been taking things to a new level of stupid.

Even if it was a Nazi salute, so what? Don’t look at it. This culture has become so thin-skinned that maybe they should live in a bubble. Racism is wrong but in many cases not illegal and either is freedom of speech. In the words of Pink Floyd, “Leave those kids alone.”

Kim Olson



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