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Thursday, 25 October 2018 09:29

Stay the course for a prosperous future

Written by  Staff Writer
To the editor,
With the mid-term election upon us, it seems prudent to consider what has happened in the past two years. In particular: How have these two years treated our personal finances and how does the future look if we stay the course or is a change needed.

Based on a bit of research, some notable results from this year are hard to ignore. Two items that are directly related to our checkbooks right now are that the typical Wisconsin tax-payer will see an increase of 2 percent take-home pay in 2018 as a direct result of this year’s tax reform and the average employee in Wisconsin saw an additional wage increase of 4.08 percent in 2018. That’s a more than a 6 percent effective increase in pay, more than I can recall from any of the Barack Obama years.

In addition, another data point that gives us an idea of what tomorrow will bring is the Wisconsin unemployment rate. Ranked 10th in the nation, it is at an historically low 3 percent (0.9 percent less than the national average).
So, in short, what does this tell us on how to vote Nov. 6? Very simply: Vote Republican. Let’s stay the course and look forward to a prosperous future for our families.

Steve Downs



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