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Thursday, 11 October 2018 11:11

Gaulke has leadership potential for office

Written by  Staff Writer
To the editor,
The November election is a great opportunity to search, challenge and eventually select new leadership in both parties. With Congressman Paul Ryan stepping down in the 1st Congressional District in southeastern Wisconsin, we may see some new faces.

One new face who wants to represent us in southeastern Wisconsin is Katherine Gaulke. As a town of Delavan resident, Gaulke is running in District 32, looking to represent this district as a state representative in Madison.

Gaulke is an activist in the health care community in Wisconsin. She believes that we as health care consumers need to be engaged in our own care. Gaulke has actively helped consumers take charge and become their own health care advocates.

After talking with her I realized she very well could be the new leadership we need to work within both parties to accomplish deliverables for the residents of District 32. I say yes — it’s about time.
I do ask the residents of the 32nd District (Lake Geneva, Walworth, Kenosha, Racine, Delavan, East Troy and Genoa City) to keep an eye out for her as we move toward November. Gaulke just may be one of the new and bright leaders that may help us get past this unattractive political mess our state and our country is in.

Gaulke should be congratulated for stepping forward and being willing to lead in our ever-changing democracy. This democracy is currently in a shaken state. We in southeastern Wisconsin need leaders, no we need female leaders, to begin to reshape why this democracy is worth saving.

Paul Kristoffersen



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