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Thursday, 04 October 2018 10:05

‘Pastors and presidents together’ proves harmful

Written by  Staff Writer
To the editor,
President Trump is good, but he is not God. Hurricane Florence was created by dust and the multitude of wild fires, along with moisture. All it needed was hot air and she found plenty of that exuding from the pulpits of the Carolinas. Flawed doctrine is bellowed across the channels continuously, until a great cleansing must occur. You reap what you sow (not money), because you speak what you don’t know (Galatians 6:6-9).

Immersion or submersion is not God’s forte. These two words don’t even appear in the Bible. Instead, there should sprinkle a gentle latter rain — if you do well. Consider (Hurricane) Harvey: He came to visit Houston after the pastors refused to hand over their sermons for public scrutiny. Obviously flawed doctrine leads to hate speech or they would have flocculently handed over their “fire and brimstone” without a fuss. Apparently the speeches belong to the pastors and not to God, who supposedly created them for all of the people groups. (Hurricane) Irma no doubt had similar inclinations for her creation, as well as her predecessors. When did this plague of multiple huge hurricanes begin? My guess, from events that have transpired, would be 1981.

Truthfully, Trump isn’t very good at all if he surrounds himself weekly with some of the most divisive pastors in America. To me they are carnies at a carnival. Why should they be chosen to dictate the political policy of America? John F. Kennedy’s soul must be rolling over in his grave, considering how he was treated for believing in the pope.

Pastors and presidents together are a lethal combination for America. Our progenitors knew this and that is why they proposed that separating church and state would be the new paradigm for America. They wrote the Constitution to protect us from fascism and communism, proclaiming free speech for all, not just one or the other party or people group. Too late for that!

Jeffrey White
town of La Grange



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