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Thursday, 04 October 2018 10:02

Our state can’t afford Republicans in charge

Written by  Staff Writer
To the editor,
I see Republicans are trying the old trick of blaming Sen. Tammy Baldwin for everything that went wrong at the Tomah Veterans Affairs Hospital. Where was Ron Johnson? As senior senator, he should have taken charge. He tends to run the other way at any hint of trouble from what I can see. Leah Vukmir would probably do the same by following his lead. Bryan Steil as an acolyte of Paul Ryan probably thinks veterans are takers too.

Republicans in general seem to only be good on veterans’ issues when it doesn’t cost anything. They have their own doting followers thinking veterans’ benefits are a form of welfare just like everything else they’re not receiving themselves.

Nothing got done with that bridge over the railroad tracks on Peters Road south of Darien yet after four years, which is appalling. Wisconsin Highway 11 between Delavan and the four corners is a disaster too. There are a lot of disasters in the state when it comes to roads. Nothing gets done under the current regime when it comes to roads. Everybody who drives on these roads will eventually suffer a concussion or broken neck, and then they’ll go bankrupt because insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions has been yanked from their grasp. Brad Schimel is working on it.

Wisconsin cannot afford four more years of Republicans in charge of everything. They’d let the state completely fall apart rather than raise taxes on their billionaire friends.

D.J. Duffy



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