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Thursday, 06 September 2018 08:28

Trump is the right man to defend against ‘the enemy within’

Written by  Staff Writer
To the editor,
Environmentalism serves as an excuse to increase government control since communism isn’t getting the job done. The entire environmental movement proves less credible as time passes with all the manipulated data that continually crops up and dire predictions that never occurred. If you can persuade people that a major catastrophe is on the horizon, you can promote any unnecessary and damaging laws that would shackle the planet.
U.N. environmental schemes advance world government, as well as open borders, mass migration and the globalist created refugee crisis. The climate alarmism has as much to do with the weather as Obamacare has to do with health care and illegal immigration has to do with compassion, which is nothing. These issues are only about obtaining power.

The only obstacle in the path of these Deep State world government traitors is President Donald Trump with his put-America-first agenda. He is our last best hope against the enemy within. The left hates him because they hate America. They echo every ridiculous comment they hear and what makes them dangerous is they believe everything. Their hatred exposes their dark side of humanity.

The media has no problem pushing a false narrative and like the rest of the liberals, they believe the end justifies the means.

Trump has never shown a willingness to betray his country — unlike all his predecessors. He’s no one’s puppet. He even sees through the climate change hoax. He’s the right man for exactly the right time.

Kim Olson



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