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Thursday, 02 August 2018 11:21

A vote for Steil keeps us moving forward

Written by  Staff Writer
To the editor,
This upcoming election may be one of the most important in recent history. Our county and state have seen what true conservative reforms can do. This state is down to 2.8 percent unemployment — almost unheard of. And now, Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders are coming to our communities to try and take this country backwards.

We need to continue to push for strong economic growth, good-paying jobs and high-quality, affordable education. Bryan Steil is just the candidate to push for these reforms. He will go to Washington and work for us, the people in the 1st District. He will continue the strong representation that we have had for the past 20 years. We cannot afford to go backwards. We must keep moving forward, as a county, and Steil will continue the push forward.

This past year, the Republican-run Congress has passed some great things. The tax reform bill has opened the doors for companies to expand and reward their employees. But there is still work to be done. Our workforce needs to be ready for the next wave of technology. Our local and federal leaders need to be looking toward the future and be prepared for the challenges that will come. Steil is that type of leader. I have seen him all around the 1st District, talking to folks about the challenges of the future. Whether it is at the Kenosha GOP picnic or the Elkhorn Ribfest, Steil is talking to the voters and letting them know what he stands for. He sees the challenges that will arise if we do not address the skills gap. He understands what will happen if we do not rein in government spending. And he understands what it means to be from Wisconsin and to roll up your sleeves and get the job done.

Bryan Steil is the right candidate to send to Washington, D.C., and to represent us.

Kim Travis
Williams Bay



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