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Thursday, 05 July 2018 11:21

Polce shows where he stands in race for 1st Congressional District

Written by  Staff Writer

To the editor,
I attended the Walworth County GOP candidate forum for the 1st District Congressional held June 19 in Walworth County. Candidates Nick Polce, Bryan Steil, Kevin Steen and Brad Boivin were present and gave a lively forum.

The biggest knowledge I received from the forum was that of the four candidates, Polce gave specifics to the questions that were presented. A bullet point answer to the questions by all the other candidates left me hanging as to how the next congressman from the 1st District would fulfill the need presented by the question.

(What stood out the most) was the question about which congressional caucus the candidate would align himself to if elected. Polce answered directly and did not beat around the bush. He stated the Freedom Caucus’ specific direction on governance, which is the same as Polce’s beliefs.

Polce’s response to (questions about) taxation, Obamacare and entitlements were precise and definitive. Many of his answers were in the camp of smaller government and let states decide.

I felt all candidates presented themselves in a professional manner and thank them for being part of the forum. I, however, need more direct answers as to how the candidates would vote on issues.

The answers I heard from Polce were the only ones that I felt were not wishy-washy. Most specifically, Polce answered the term limit question directly with no room for misunderstanding. He also expounded on the legislative staff problem with the congressmen. They tend to be the same for each new freshman congressman and therefore the status quo or establishment still exists. He stated the staff members should have the same term limits the congressman has. He wants a six-year term limit for both houses.

Overall, Nick Polce gave me an uplifting feeling about him as a candidate.


Philip Ketterhagen



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