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Thursday, 07 June 2018 09:51

President Trump should show more respect

Written by  Staff Writer

To the editor,
I see other people are wondering if the way President Donald Trump handles himself is normal. I can’t believe Congress hasn’t functioned as a co-equal branch of government yet and reigned him in. If they’re scared to do anything with him, it’s high time to remove and replace his enablers. It’s too bad it has to wait until November.

Anybody who can land an airplane on something that looks the size of a postage stamp out in the middle of an ocean day or night where land is too far away if anything goes wrong deserves a lot more respect than John McCain got from Trump. Any pilot deserves respect because they have to have nerves of steel to do what they do — whether it’s aboard a ship or on dry land. The Air Force, Navy and Marines are all about 25 percent short of the number of pilots they need, and that could be a result of potential officers wanting better treatment than they’d ever get from the five deferments guy.

France took back the oak tree they planted at the White House, probably because the leaves were turning yellow from the swampy conditions around there. You must have to wear hip boots to walk on the lawn.

Melania Trump hasn’t been seen in days and might have gone back to Slovenia if the divorce is final.
Joan Baez says Donald Trump owes Earth a pardon.

D.J. Duffy


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