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Thursday, 31 May 2018 09:53

Partisan politics drives culture of division, dishonesty

Written by  Staff Writer

To the editor,

While in California recently, I read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle that discussed former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s graduation speech at a university. He mentioned President George Washington could not tell a lie. Today we have politicians who cannot tell the truth.


Bloomberg talked about “extreme partisanship,” which has led to citizens tolerating lies in our politics. He stated people are more connected to their political parties than the truth. Bloomberg believes we are more divided than any time since the Civil War.

Bloomberg feels disturbed that there are so many enablers who defend the politicians and their lies. he warned the students that “the greatest threat to democracy is not Communism, but our willingness to tolerate dishonesty in service of party and in pursuit of power.”

Our conversations with one another have become coarse and we are not willing to listen to the truth. Many of us want to deny the truth. For example, we have Holocaust deniers, 9-11 deniers and people who deny that President Obama is an American citizen. There are people who deny climate change.

Lack of respect in our conversations was recently evident when Kelly Sadler, an adviser to our president, remarked that Sen. John McCain’s vote on the new CIA director did not matter because “he’s dying anyway.” Our president also has made derogatory remarks about McCain when he implied that McCain is not enough of a military hero. Apparently our president conveniently forgot that McCain was a Vietnam War prisoner of war for five years and suffered great mental and physical torture.

Leon K. Freeburg



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