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Thursday, 31 May 2018 09:51

Selfish behavior by adults leads to trauma, destruction

Written by  Staff Writer

To the editor,

How do we stop school shootings?

Are bullies taught to be bullies? Do bullies bully everyone? How do you stop getting bullied? Do you give up your dignity, your constitutional rights, your freedom and the right to breathe the air that you are God-given to breathe, or do you stop the bully with the help from others and the law?


The bugs bother me, so kill them? The so-called weeds bother me, so kill them? The animals bother me, so kill them? Tiny houses bother me, so kill 50 percent of the population? People bother me, so kill them? The world bothers me, so kill it? When will the adults realize that form fitting the world to their selfish desires is traumatizing and destroying everyone and everything?

It all seems to be learned behavior, terrible lessons from the past that never should have been lived and never should be lived again. Are the older generations the ones in charge? Are younger generations doing better than their parents and grandparents? Did the adults even bother to think about it, or did they kill the idea too?

Jamie White
town of La Grange



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