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Thursday, 31 May 2018 09:47

White House sometimes contradicts American values

Written by  Staff Writer

To the editor,

“This is not normal.” As a resident and voter in southeastern Wisconsin, I was affected by the above phrase when used by former FBI Director James Comey. Living in the Midwest, specifically Wisconsin, we as Americans have a strong set of high values. Although we try to respect other people’s values and opinions, there are some basic values that we all share as Americans.


Some of the actions and communications that come from our White House are so disturbing that they actually contradict our Midwest, American values.

Who says let’s jail the people we disagree with? That’s not normal.

Who says America’s FBI and Justice Department are crooked and corrupt? That’s not normal.

Who says the media is America’s enemy? That’s not normal.

Who thinks they’re above the law? That’s not normal.

Some folks are beginning to believe that our elected American President Donald Trump is acting as if he is not a true American. And I would say that is not normal.

Have our two senators, Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Sen. Ron Johnson, ever questioned or pondered that issue? I think not. We hear their silence when it comes to standing up for our clear American values.

I challenge both senators to ask themselves: Is this normal?

No, our elected officials need to do more, stand up more and begin to defend normal American values. There needs to be a questioning of Trump’s abnormal, un-American behavior.

We in southeastern Wisconsin expect it, our children expect it and our grandchildren need it.

Paul Kristoffersen



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