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Thursday, 22 March 2018 09:32

Keep the Constitution intact or face ‘disaster’

Written by  Staff Writer

To the editor,
The U.S. Constitution is the foundation of the western world. Why is our leadership continually attempting to chisel away at it? Life, liberty, freedom of religion and the right to bear arms have been secured for us for over 200 years by our Constitution. These rights will be at risk at an Article V convention (con-con) in response to at least 34 states signing on. We are only six states away from the 34 and if they get the other six, they would have inherent power to rewrite the Constitution.

This convention is allegedly about a balanced budget amendment, however, it would leave our rights very vulnerable to some very subversive changes.

It’s as bad as rewriting the Bible. It’s that sacred and should never be infringed upon. Without keeping our Constitution intact, it’s game over for the U.S.

Wisconsin recently caved and joined. Treason charges would happen if it was up to me. Many states wisely opted out understanding the dangers.

Con-con advocates on the right have been warned for years to oppose it and the left is licking their chops. It would be a disaster for all. Even if everything went well and an amendment was passed, there is no reason to believe those in Washington would obey it. They already disregard the U.S. Constitution at all levels of government, including the Supreme Court. Why take the risk?

Kim Olson


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