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Thursday, 01 March 2018 14:17

County has a history of caring for special needs population

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To the editor,
Walworth County is a special county. Here’s why:

  • April 19, 1852: Ebenezer Chesebro moved his family from New York. His family included Ariadna, who was deaf, along with her two sisters and five brothers. Mr. Chesebro employed Miss Weathy Hawes to teach Ariadna in their home. Once neighbors knew, the class grew to include other deaf students. Soon it was apparent that a school was needed.
  • April 1852: In the city of Delavan, the Wisconsin School for the Deaf was established.
  • September 1950: In 1949, Sheridan D. Ellsworth was elected Walworth County superintendent of schools. He served in this office from 1949 to 1956 and was instrumental in the founding of the Lakeland School in Elkhorn for special educational needs of children ages 3 to 21.
    In September of 1950, the first classes for 14 special needs children were held in the basement of the VFW in downtown Elkhorn.
    Sixty-eight years later, Walworth County has a beautiful new school located on County Highway NN in Elkhorn.
  • 1970: VIP was established in the city of Elkhorn to serve adults with disabilities to help them lead productive and meaningful lives in their communities as well as achieve their highest levels of independence.

All of these reasons show why Walworth County is so special.

Joseph C. Guido,
executive vice president
Friends of the Lakeland School



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