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Thursday, 22 February 2018 14:17

Take action to protect ‘Dreamers,’ potential shooting victims

Written by  Staff Writer

To the editor,
The Trump administration has ordered an end to DACA, putting a March 5 expiration date on “Dreamers’” legal protections and potentially subjecting them to deportation from the only home they ever have known.

House Speaker Paul Ryan acknowledged in an email, “It is important to keep in mind that young people, who came into this country through no fault of their own, are at the heart of the issue.”

Unfortunately, Ryan complicates a simple solution by adding border security, visa immigration and family unification to the DACA issue. Only the “Dreamers” are under a deadline and in danger of losing their protected status.

The majority of Americans want “Dreamers” protected and allowed to remain in the United States. Put the politics aside and pass a singular DACA bill that protects these young people and beats the deadline that Trump unilaterally imposed.

It’s not complicated. Do the right thing and protect these young people. Take action!

There have now been 18 mass shootings already this year. Most have involved military-style assault weapons. There are now 8 million AR15 assault rifles owned in this country. Refuse to allow the National Rifle Association’s purchase of our elected leaders and our Congress and ban the sales and ownership of these weapons of war in this country. Which is easier: Attempting to find and help every troubled individual who possibly poses a threat to life or liberty or denying access to rapid-fire killing machines?

Make it impossible for children ever again to be gunned down by military-style assault weapons. It’s not complicated. Take action now!

Jerry Hanson


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