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Wednesday, 27 December 2017 10:21

Policing environment inspires young officers

Written by  Staff Writer

To the editor,
I often hear that the younger generation of employees, often referred to as millennials, have a poor work ethic and need to be coddled. I disagree.

While I agree that young employees value their quality of life, as leaders we must develop a professional environment that allows young workers to connect with the mission of the organization, find their purpose and urge employees to follow their passion. 

The policing profession offers additional challenges to employee quality of life interests. Officers work weekends, holidays and varying shifts while responding to our community’s toughest and most tragic incidents. Despite these conditions, we are able to hire brilliant, engaging, motivated and caring employees. We share with our officers the substantial impact they can have on our community. We commend and celebrate their exemplary service. Also, we develop an environment that allows officers to pursue their passion and go forward to offer honorable and great service. This passion may be assisting citizens with issues of domestic violence, mental health, chronic nuisance housing, addiction, struggling families or hostile youth.

I believe the future of Janesville’s safety and quality of life is in the good and caring hands of our young and capable officers.

David J. Moore, chief
Janesville Police Department



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