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Thursday, 07 December 2017 13:12

Does younger generation have it better?

Written by  Staff Writer

To the editor,
The issues the average person faces today are overwhelming — work, mortgages, taxes, heath care, etc. Oh my God, talk about stress! This is all we talk about — the stresses of life.

Children must be filled with hope and joy. Their future must be brighter than the star of Bethlehem on Jesus’ birthday.

We shame younger generations for their cell phone and internet and them constantly being on them. The internet is teaching younger people how to change tires, cook and sew. It is teaching old natural remedies, politics, freedom, rights and life in general. It is depressing that they will learn more truth, find more useful knowledge and see more than older generations are willing to teach them or willing to talk about.

Do younger generations really have it better? Do older generations care if they do? Or do they just tell younger generations they have it better? News flash: Members of the younger generation were not there for the trauma experienced by the older generation, but you are now witnessing and possibly creating theirs.

The problem is eating too much sugar won’t give you worms, your face won’t stay that way if you make it and bullies don’t go away if you act a certain way to appease them. Thank God for the internet. Apparently no one wants children to be smart, have free college or have any reasonable solution that would actually help anyone today in the year 2017. If we stop normalizing every disgusting lie that was ever told, we would not be haunted by them today.

Children would not think being preyed upon is normal, they would not live with abuse and sexual abuse, opioid addiction, war, debt, homelessness, corruption and the lies of the past. This is not normal, ethical or moral.

Jamie L. White
town of La Grange



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