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Thursday, 16 November 2017 13:12

What would be sacrificed for tax cuts?

Written by  Staff Writer

To the editor,
It looks like the Republican millionaire and billionaire tax reduction plan is going full speed ahead. It will increase the national debt by $1.7 trillion. Deficit hawks like Paul Ryan will have to soar even higher to reach their perches on top of national debt mountain. If you fell from up there, nothing would be left of you when you hit bottom.

Should they please their fellow millionaires and billionaires just to keep the campaign cash rolling in or do what’s right for the country?

The U.N. might need to handle the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, since it could limit Congress’ ability to give the full amount of tax cuts to their billionaire friends if they do it. Germany offered to help with solar power, so Puerto Rico might need to declare free agency and go with them. When there’s no electoral votes involved, they can’t expect much help from the current majority in Washington.

If President Donald Trump gets us into wars using his Twitter account, rather than starting up the draft again, what if they just send all the registered owners of assault rifles a set of military orders in the mail and tell them to bring all their ammunition along when they report for duty since we can’t afford to furnish any? Drastic action would be necessary to keep the current troops from being worn to a frazzle even worse than they already are by continuous deployments.

D.J. Duffy



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