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Monday, 13 November 2017 14:53

Get tough on criminals, not legal gun owners

Written by  Staff Writer

To the editor,
This is in response to Jerry Hanson’s anti-gun letter on Nov. 5. Once again anti-gunners want to pick away at my 2nd Amendment right. They want to ban weapons made for war. Whether they were in the service makes no difference to me, but shotguns and pistols were and are now commonly used in wars.

Shotguns at a close range do a lot of damage. Do they want to ban these too? Where does it stop, when all the guns are gone?

Not once in the article was the criminal mentioned. For Mr. Hanson’s information, criminals do not obey laws! I would be the first one to punish the criminal more if he uses a firearm in a crime. The anti-gunners think (if we) take away the multi-shot clips, everything will be fine. When the criminals still kill with small-round clips, take them away. It will never stop with liberals.

You never heard of these mass shootings years ago because liberals took their eye off the ball and got soft on crime. Stop coddling criminals like liberal judges do, punish the scum and leave the law-abiding citizens’ rights intact.

Michael Buchek
East Troy



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