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Monday, 13 November 2017 14:49

Technology demands workers who can adapt

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To the editor,
As a teacher for more than four decades and a member of the State Assembly Education Committee, I have seen many changes to our educational system, some to my liking and some not so much.

One thing I have seen is the importance of integrating technology into everyday classroom instruction. Twenty percent of jobs disappear in five years due to evolving technology, so schools must teach students to be prepared to adapt.

The modern economy looks very different than it did a few decades ago, in large part to technology. Consider the impact Facebook, Uber and Airbnb have had on the workforce, which also having a major impact on society and specific industries. These companies, through technology, are changing how these industries operate. Facebook is the world’s largest media provider, yet it does not own any content. Uber is the world’s largest provider of automobile transportation, yet it does not own any cars. Airbnb facilitates housing for more travelers around the world, yet it does not own buildings or properties.

Lifelong skills in one occupation are far from the norm and will be increasingly rare for younger generations. It is the job of the schools to teach our students to adapt to an ever-changing workforce to meet society’s demands.

State Rep. Don Vruwink
43rd Assembly District



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