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Friday, 20 October 2017 08:28

Don’t punish lawful gun owners after Vegas

Written by  Staff Writer

To the editor,
Let’s look at the Las Vegas shooting. What law could we have passed to stop this? Not a one; but if we forget about the shooter and restrict rights on law-abiding citizens, everything will be fine?

An article states the shooter in Vegas purchased more guns and ammo than a small police department would have. The writer knows this for a fact. So now we need a tracking system to flag large gun purchases. So if I buy a number of guns, a law official is going to come to my house and ask me why? How stupid. Do you know people collect guns and are avid shooters at ranges? People reload bullets and are able to buy primers, shells, bullets and powder at hundreds of places throughout the U.S. Keep track? Are you kidding me? 

What people should do instead of restricting law-abiding citizens’ rights is go to the south side of Chicago some night and take the guns out of the hands of murderers who kill a thousand people a year. 
Don’t bring me down to the level of a low-life criminal because I own a number of guns. I feel for the victims, not the murderer. 

Pick away at the 1st Amendment, when someone says kill President Donald Trump or threatens to burn the White House down. Do you want to restrict that amendment? I don’t believe burning the flag is a freedom of speech.

Michael Buchek
East Troy



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