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Wednesday, 25 January 2017 11:38

Police recover drowning victim's body in Geneva Lake

Written by  CSI Media staff
On Tuesday, the Town of Linn Police recovered the body of a man who drowned while ice fishing on Geneva Lake. On Tuesday, the Town of Linn Police recovered the body of a man who drowned while ice fishing on Geneva Lake. of Linn Police Department

LINN TOWNSHIP--Police recovered the body of a man who drowned on Geneva Lake while ice fishing Tuesday, according to a release from the Town of Linn Police Department.

The body of Michael Zielinski, 60, of the town of Linn,  was recovered by divers from the Linn Fire Department Tuesday afternoon, according to the release.

Zielinski had gone ice fishing on Geneva Lake about 3 a.m. Tuesday.

Officers were dispatched to the Linn Pier boat launch at 3:34 p.m. Tuesday to look for Zielinski after his wife told authorities she had been trying unsuccessfully to reach him by cellphone all day Tuesday. She told police she had looked around the shoreline, but couldn't see him and called for their assistance because of the cracks and areas of open water on the lake.

When police arrived at the boat launch on the south side of the lake, they found Zielinski's pickup truck parked at the pier.

Officers then deployed a drone equipped with a Forward Looking IfraRed camera to do an aerial search of the lake and shoreline. Within four minutes, the drone indicated a faint heat signature in the water, which was determined to be a body.

Zielinski's body and fishing equipment were located about 1,036 feet from the south shore of the lake, northwest of the Linn Pier, floating near the surface of the water, according to the release.

Linn Fire Department divers, assisted by the City of Lake Geneva Fire Department's air boat, recovered the body and brought it back to shore.

Zielinski was pronounced dead at 5:04 p.m. by a Mercy Hospital doctor who was on the scene.

Police said it was unclear how long Zielinski had been in the water, but his wife told them Zielinski's cell phone went to voicemail around 7 a.m., according to the release.

Police are warning people to stay off Geneva Lake, saying due to the recent warmer weather, lake ice has thawed and is unsafe to walk on.



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