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Wednesday, 30 November 2016 16:01

Walworth man charged with attempted murder rejects plea agreement

Written by  Jonah Beleckis/

1130 gonzalez

ELKHORN—A man charged with beating his roommate with a baseball bat after an argument at a Darien strip club rejected a plea agreement Tuesday and is expected to go to trial next week.

Gabino Dominguez Gonzalez, 42, of the village of Walworth, rejected a plea agreement that would have had him pleading guilty to attempted murder. He still faces that charge and another for aggravated battery in Walworth County Court.

Dominguez Gonzalez and his then-22-year-old roommate went to the strip club Dec. 26, according to the criminal complaint. The two fought in the parking lot and then returned to their home.

The fight continued at their home, where the roommate punched Dominguez Gonzalez before Dominguez Gonzalez grabbed a baseball bat and hit the roommate three of four times, according to the complaint.

The roommate was taken to Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center in Janesville, where doctors told police he had facial and skull fractures, a brain bleed and detached retina, according to the complaint.

Dominguez Gonzalez's trial is set for Monday through Friday, but Judge Phil Koss has another jury trial scheduled for the same time, meaning one of the cases could be rescheduled.



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