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Thursday, 10 November 2016 15:26

One dead after being struck by vehicle in Riverside Park

Written by  Xavier Ward/

JANESVILLE -- Police closed Riverside Park on Thursday after a pedestrian was killed in an afternoon crash.

“It sounded like someone dropped a load off of a truck,” said Andy York, a man who lives in the area and heard the crash from his house.

The unidentified truck driver had sped through the park, smashing into the back of a parked car, hitting a nearby pedestrian, according to a witness near the scene.

The pedestrian was killed, according to a Janesville police news release.

The Gazette was not able to get the witness's name before police pulled him aside.

The witness said he had just finished playing disc golf in the park and returned to his car.

As he was sitting in his car, he heard a loud crash and looked up as the truck, missing its passenger side front wheel, sped by.

“The truck seemed to be going faster after he hit the parked truck,” the witness said.

The vehicle smashed into a telephone pole on Parkside Drive, snapping the pole in half, and finally came to a stop in the yard of a nearby home.

The speeding vehicle narrowly missed Mike Croft, a man who lives near the park.

He said he spoke to the driver after the truck had stopped.

He said the driver was conscious and able to speak.

The driver was taken away in an ambulance, Croft said.



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