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Thursday, 28 July 2016 12:25

Editor's blog: Welcome to our new look

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Our work here at the newspaper is never really done. I’m sure our jobs are much like yours in that way.

Yes, we publish a new edition each Sunday and Wednesday, but at the same time we’re working on new stories and new ways to connect with our readers.

We also look ahead to what kind of paper our readers and advertisers may want in the future.

We’ve made lots of changes over the years, and it’s not so much that we’re trying to get better (I’ve always thought we’ve done a good job), it’s that we change with our readers to remain engaged in our communities.

The papers that we'll deliver to your homes this weekend are just one of those efforts.

One of our growing challenges over the years is the limitations on the number of pages that we can print in color.

Years ago, color was a novelty and our news photographs all were taken on black and white film.

But over the years, our news department and advertisers were able to do more and more of their work in color.

Now, color reproduction is no longer a novelty, it’s taken for granted.

That reality is one of the reasons behind the change in where we print our newspapers.

Our Delavan, Wisconsin, press had limited ability to print color.

Beginning with this edition, we now will print on our company’s state-of the-art press at the Bliss Communications print facility on the outskirts of Janesville, Wisconsin.

The press now allows us to print color on every page of the paper.

We’re also unveiling a new, slimmed down size and sharper reproduction that makes our paper easier to read and use.

These developments will be welcome news for our advertisers as well as readers.

Because our papers are free and delivered to nearly every home in our markets, our advertisers support the full cost of getting our papers to our readers.

In return, advertisers are able to share their messages with more readers than any other publications in our markets.

In the next few months, we’ll be showing off our new capabilities.

This week, we feature our social media photography edition to show off some of the greatest photography being done today in our southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois markets.

We’re also increasing our entertainment and event coverage, as well as digging deeper into the people and issues that are making the most impact on our communities.

We hope you enjoy the changes, and we'll keep working.



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