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Monday, 24 August 2015 14:08

Pet dog snatched from front yard by coyotes

Written by  CSI Media news staff

ROSCOE -- A Roscoe couple is lucky to still have a pet after two coyotes snatched their dog, Buddy, from their front yard.

Rick and Carla Schultz let their two dogs, Buddy and Riley, out before bed and within seconds the coyotes had grabbed one of the dogs, they told WIFR-TV.

The couple spent hours searching for Buddy when a neighbor discovered the injured animal. Buddy was in bad shape, the Schultz's said, suffering from broken ribs, a punctured lung and a broken vertebrae.

The couple brought their dog to a animal hospital in Madison for treatment. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources told the TV station they get two to three phone calls a week about coyotes roaming neighborhoods in Winnebago County.

The DNR says as more homes are built, coyotes habitats are destroyed forcing them into neighborhoods and looking for food; sometimes our pets.



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