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Wisconsin is a great state to fish, and it gets a whole lot better this coming Saturday, May 2, 2015 when the 2015 Wisconsin sport fishing season opens.

Kids 15 and under fish free every day. So do anglers born before 1927 and active duty military on furlough or leave who are Wisconsin residents. For everybody else, a variety of license options can get you out on the water quickly, easily and at a bargain price. So get your license to relax.

WALWORTH COUNTY SUNDAY -- Conference championship. Check.

Advance to the WIAA Division 3 State Tournament in Green Bay. Check.

Complete an undefeated season with the state championship. Check.

Those were things that Sarah Schumacher of Whitewater High School wanted to achieve during her senior basketball season, and the Whippets accomplished each of the goals. As an added reward, Schumacher was named the player of the year on the All-Walworth County Girls’ Basketball Team.

WALWORTH COUNTY SUNDAY -- If leaders are made, not born, as legendary Green Bay Packers football coach Vince Lombardi once said, they also are well connected.

The aim of Leadership Walworth, a program begun in January by management consultant Edgar “Skip” Mosshamer and David Frost, a business professor at Aurora University, is to foster a new generation of community leaders in public and private sectors who are aware not only of the social and economic issues affecting the area, but of the network of local people and organizations -- from county board members to school superintendents -- available to offer guidance, perspective and resources.

WALWORTH COUNTY SUNDAY -- Dick Malmin has lived in Lake Geneva for more than 30 years and has come to develop a deep appreciation for the unique ambience of Big Foot Beach State Park.

But a proposal to reroute South Lake Shore Drive, which hugs the beach along Buttons Bay on the eastern end of Geneva Lake, could change the entire complexion of the park, Malmin says.

Now that my sons are grown and off on their own, the piano on which they gained a love of music, a passion that remains with them today, sat unused in our dining room.

It deserved a new family, so last week, I placed an ad in the Messenger, our weekly newspaper covering northern Rock County, and by Sunday the piano had been loaded on to a trailer and off to a family in Edgerton to inspire a new generation of musicians.

The Beloit Club is undergoing a multi-million dollar makeover expected to be completed this spring. The club was built in 1909, while the course opened in 1929. The Beloit Club’s visible calling card will be the three-story, 24,000-square-foot clubhouse, built adjacent to the former one and designed by the company that constructed the clubhouse at Erin Hills near Hartford, where the men’s 2017 U.S. Open will be played. STORY I GOLF ISSUE

Friday, 24 April 2015 10:27

Bringing back the Belfry Music Theatre

WALWORTH COUNTY SUNDAY --  Near the intersection of highways 50 and 67, and just down the road from days gone by, sits the historic Belfry Music Theatre. The Belfry has been an icon in the Williams Bay area for over a century. The building enjoys a history that would make for a good screenplay, or at the very least, a documentary.

Originally constructed in 1888 as the only Mormon church in Walworth County, the little building boasted a neatly painted white exterior and a bell, which to this day still rings before each performance. Most of those who attended church there moved on by the late 1920s and local actors who had been performing in other churches and the YMCA took to the “stage” there.

BELOIT -- As far back as the 1960s, amidst signs of smog and polluted rivers, the late Sen. Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin was troubled that the environment was off the agenda of Washington legislators. People had concerns about these things, he knew. Politicians, not so much.

WALWORTH COUNTY SUNDAY -- Joan Dutton, a lab technician at Andes Candies in Delavan, has been helping people get comfortable astride a horse almost since she was a youngster, giving riding lessons on the farm where she grew up. But when she was asked to become a volunteer riding instructor for a nearby fledgling therapeutic riding center 30 years ago, she found herself guiding riders who couldn’t speak or even walk.

“It was my first experience working with both children and adults with disabilities and it was a whole different way of communicating. It was a learning experience for me and pretty much everyone involved,” Dutton said of her beginnings with the center now known as Special Methods in Learning Equine Skills, or S.M.I.L.E.S. 

WALWORTH COUNTY SUNDAY -- “Home is where the heart is” according to Pliny the Elder, author, naturalist and philosopher of the Roman Empire.

Homes leave a mark on our heart, and if we’re lucky, we leave a mark on the house, the structure itself. For Ron Markwell, this certainly is true.

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