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JANESVILLE -- The northbound lanes of Interstate 39/90 near Janesville are closed following the crash of a truck carrying hazardous chemicals.

Lanes are closed between Racine Street near St. Mary's Hospital and U.S. Highway 14 near the Holiday Inn Express.

JANESVILLE -- Michael Haakenson and David O’Leary  are vying for the position of Branch 5 Rock County Circuit Court judge in the April 7 election. The seat is up for election after Judge Kenneth Forbeck declined to run for re-election.

(Previews of more local races HERE)

Haakenson works as the Rock County Family Court commissioner. Before working as the family court commissioner, Haakenson was a private practice attorney for about 20 years.

O’Leary serves as the Rock County district attorney. O’Leary has been elected district attorney eight times and is the longest serving district attorney in the history of Rock County. He was first elected to the position during the 1997-’98 election.

BELOIT TOWNSHIP -- Two town of Beloit supervisors are running to replace outgoing board chairman Tim Guenther. Diane Greenlee and David Russell are running for the open seat.

Russell did not return his questionnaire.

BELOIT -- Four candidates are running for three open seats on the Beloit City Council. Councilors Dave Luebke and Regina Hendrix are running for re-election and will be challenged by Gwendolyn Pierce and Marilyn Sloniker when voters go to the polls April 7. Luebke is finishing his second term on the council and Hendrix was appointed in June to replace Kevin Leavy, who left for a job with the School District of Janesville.

Regina Hendrix and Gwendolyn Pierce did not return questionnaires.

ROSCOE -- Incumbent President David Krienke has two challengers when village of Roscoe voters go to the polls April 7. Sharon Atkins is a deputy clerk for the village and Dale Keller serves as a village trustee.

STATELINE NEWS -- Norvain Pleasant of the Porter Avenue Watch Group says the decrease in criminal activity in the Merrill neighborhood is noticeable since the Beloit Police Department established a temporary substation in the area.

“I think (the substation) is a good thing for the neighborhood. A lot of crime has decreased,” Pleasant said. “I think one of the reasons for that is an increase in police presence in the neighborhood. I think it’s a good idea. I hope they find the resources for the substation to stay here.”

Friday, 13 March 2015 11:46

Think it through before adopting a pet

STATELINE NEWS -- Having a pet running around the house can provide joy and entertainment for a family. However, there are a few things people should consider before adopting or purchasing a furry friend.

Make sure you can afford it.

“Animals cost a lot of money. If an emergency happens, they have to think about if they can afford it,” said Lynn Sabo, director of programs and special events at Lakeland Animal Shelter in the town of Delavan. “Even the week-to-week stuff can be difficult to afford. The first vet visit can cost a couple hundred dollars.”

MESSENGER -- The Affordable Care Act, intended to allow more people to afford health insurance, has been in effect for a year now. But too often, people mistakenly think of the ACA as a universal health insurance plan that makes free clinics unnecessary.

"For many individuals who get insurance and start to pay their premiums, one broken arm and a trip to the hospital can have people incurring expensive medical bills," said Jean Randles, executive director of HealthNet, a free medical clinic serving Rock County. "Under the ACA, we’re seeing more individuals making an attempt to pay their health insurance premium, but then life gets in the way. Their car needs repairs, for example, and the deductibles and co-pays are too expensive, so they have to make decisions about which bills to pay."

Gov. Scott Walker evidently has embarked on the long road to the White House, and like it or not, the state of Wisconsin will bear the effects. Whether he continues to do what is best for Wisconsin or what is best for his presidential aspirations already has been called into question.

Early indications show he is off to a strong start on the campaign trail. He has led polls in Iowa and New Hampshire and currently ranks at or near the top in several recent surveys of GOP voters.

Update: Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015, 9 p.m.

Town of Beloit chairperson, top two advance.
Diane M. Greenlee     132
David Russell         115
Jim Stevens         30

Town of Beloit board supervisor No. 2, top two advance
Steve Heumiller         115
Phil Taber             88
David Russell         78

School board member Clinton Community School District, top four advance
Ken Luety             244
Evelyn Propp         137
Jeanette Troha         111
Melissa Manthei         101
Margery Wheeler     43
Thomas Curzi         41

Tuesday, 7 a.m.

Polls are open today in the town of Beloit and Clinton Community School district for a primary election to trim the field for the April 7, 2015 general election.

In the town of Beloit, voters can choose from candidates in the town chairperson race and one of the board supervisor races. The top two vote getters move on.

In the Clinton Community School District, voters will choose two candidates from a field of six.

Beloit Township chairperson (top two move on)

Chairperson                  Diane Greenlee

Chairperson                  David Russell

Chairperson                  Jim Stevens

(Stevens name will appear on the ballot, but he reportedly has withdrawn his candidacy)


Beloit Township Supervisor (top two move on)

Supervisor No. 2                   David Russell (I)

Supervisor No. 2                   Phil Taber

Supervisor No. 2                   Steve Heumiller


Clinton School Board (top 4 move on)

School Board                  Thomas Curzi

School Board                  Ken Luety (challenger)

School Board                  Melissa Manthei

School Board                  Evelyn Propp

School Board                  Jeanette Troha

School Board                  Margery Wheeler


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